Lyapunov Exponents and Related Topics in Dynamics and Geometry
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Monday, January 24

8h30-9h Registration

9h-9h15 Opening

9h15-10h45 Yuliy S. Ilyashenko
Moscow and Cornell
New robust properties of dynamical systems and noncoincidence of attractors

10h45-11h15 Coffee

11h15-12h45 Valeriy I. Oseledets
Moscow State University
Random series in powers of algebraic numbers and Markov chains

12h45-14h30 Lunch

14h30-15h30 Maxim B. Nalskii
Independent University of Moscow
Stability of zero Lyapunov exponents

15h30-16h Coffee

16h-17h Award to Yu.S.Ilyashenko ceremony

17h-17h15 Coffee

Room 310

17h15-18h Michael L. Blank
Institute of Information Transmission Problems, Moscow
Does positivity of Lyapunov exponents imply existence of an a.c.i.m. for a random map?

18h05-18h50 Sergei V. Tikhonov
Russian State Trade-Economical University, Moscow
Measure preserving $\Bbb Z^2$-actions are not embedded into flows generically

18h50 - Banquet

Tuesday, January 25

9h45-11h15 Dmitriy V. Treshchev
Moscow State University
Quantum mechanics from classical point of view. - I

11h15-11h45 - Coffee

11h45-13h15 Anatoliy M. Vershik
Steklov Mathematical Institute, Saint-Petersburg
To definition of measure theoretic hyperbolicity

13h15-14h45 - Lunch

14h45 - 16h15 Vadim Kaimanovich
Université de Rennes-1
Self-similarity, amenability and entropy

16h15-16h45 - Coffee

16h45 - 18h15 Open Problems

Wednesday, January 26

9h30-11h Leonid P. Shilnikov
Nizhnii Novgorod State University
On mathematical problems of classical synchronization

11h-11h30 - Coffee

11h30-13h Frank Loray
Université de Rennes-1
Minimal foliations by complex curves on $\Bbb{CP}^n$

13h-14h30 - Lunch

14h30-16h10 Parallel sessions:

Main Conference Room
14h30-15h Viatcheslav Z. Grines
Nizhnii Novgorod State Agricultural Institute
Perfect scheme as complete invariant for Morse-Smale diffeomorphism with a finite number of heteroclinic orbits on 3-manifolds

15h05-15h35 Evgeniy V. Zhuzhoma
Nizhnii Novgorod State Technical University
Proof of the Morse conjecture for analytic flows on orientable

15h40-16h10 Alexander N. Starkov
Hypergraph Ltd., Moscow
Stable ergodicity on homogeneous spaces

Room 310
14h30 - 15h Jose Luis Bravo
Universidad Polytechnico de Madrid
Periodic solutions of a periodic scalar piecewise ODE

15h05-15h35 Olga D. Anosova
Higher Economy School, Moscow
Invariant manifolds in slow-fast systems

15h40-16h10 Lev M. Lerman
Nizhnii Novgorod State University
1D generalized Swift-Hohenberg equations: localized solutions,
fronts and periodic patterns

16h10-16h40 - Coffee

16h40-18h10 Dmitriy V. Treshchev
Moscow State University
Quantum mechanics from classical point of view. - II

Thursday, January 27

9h30-11h Dmitriy V. Treshchev
Moscow State University
Quantum mechanics from classical point of view. - III

11h-11h30 - Coffee

11h30-13h Bertrand Deroin
Max-Plank Institut für Mathematik, Leipzig
$\epsilon$-holomorphic branched surfaces and solenoids

13h-14h30 - Lunch

14h30-16h Victor A. Kleptsyn
Moscow State University, IUM and ENS-Lyon
Unique ergodicity and Lyapunov exponents for codimension 1

16h-16h30 - Coffee

16h30-17h35 Parallel sessions:

Main Conference Room
16h30-17h Alexander D. Gorbulskiy
Steklov Mathematical Institute, Saint-Petersburg
Scaling entropy of the decreasing sequences of partitions

17h05-17h35 Vladimir S. Anashin
Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow
p-adic dynamical systems and cryptography

Room 310
16h30-17h Thierry Barbot
Lipschitz actions on the circle which are not continuously

17h05-17h35 Alexey A. Glutsyuk
ENS-Lyon and Independent University of Moscow
On convergence of generalized continued fractions and Ramanujan's conjecture

Friday, January 28

9h30-11h Andres Navas
IHÉS, Bures-sur-Yvette, France
Growth of groups and diffeomorphisms of the interval

11h-11h30 - Coffee

11h30-13h Alexander I. Bufetov
Princeton University
Decay of correlations for the Rauzy-Veech-Zorich map
and the central limit theorem for the Teichmuller flow

13h Closing